How do students login to Wordshark?

How do students login to Wordshark?

Students can use Wordshark using Chrome (including Chromebooks), Edge, Firefox, and Safari.  To make sure your computer and browser are ready to run Wordshark:
  1. Check Wordshark System Requirements 
  2. Check your internet connectivity requirements (whitelisting / filters)
Distribute Login Details to Students
Go to Groups & Users then Student Logins lower on screen. Select Individual student logins to clipboard and then the group and OK, ready to paste into an email - or choose to print labels to hand out.


Access the school’s unique login page 
  1. You will need to copy the school's custom URL into the internet browser on each device.
  2. The URL will look like this, with your school name near the end:
  3. Once you reach the Wordshark Welcome page - with the correct school name, it is best to bookmark or set up a shortcut to this page for easy access next time
  4.  Read More information on setting up a shortcut.
You can create a bookmark or shortcut to access your custom URL for next time

Student username & passcode
  1. Students can now log in using their usernames and passcodes
  2. If subsequently they need to use the forgotten password link an email will be sent to the ‘teacher’ who manages that student
Students can log in directly to Wordshark at home using their login details

Student Progress Records

Wordshark will keep track of all student activity - updated daily - whilst they are signed in and using any of the play modes: Supershark, Set Work or FreePlay.
  1. Progress reports for Supershark (and Free Play if you have made this available)
  2. Progress reports for Set Work 

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