Wordshark Online Minimum requirements

Wordshark Online Minimum requirements

Wordshark Online needs:

  1. Robust high speed broadband/fibre connectivity
  2. A browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari:
    1. For Windows we recommend Chrome
    2. For Mac and iPad we recommend Safari
  3. 8 inch Minimum Screen size
  4. 1024 x 768 or higher resolution *For Android tablets we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 see (see Note 1)
  5. 4K / 5K displays (see Note 2)
  6. Javascript must be enabled
  7. Internet filters must allow access to *.onwordshark.com 

Chromebooks, iPads, Android:

  • Chromebooks: minimum version Chrome 50+ (Note 2)
  • iPads:  Must be models that are currently supported by Apple. See Apple Support articles: Supported iPad models and  Identify your iPad model (open in new tabs)
  • Android: minimum version v7 and a recommended 10 inch screen (Note 1)
  • Smartphones, Internet Explorer, Tablets with other OS (e.g. Kindle Fire) These do not meet minimum requirements, and will not work with Wordshark Online

    Note 1:  We are aware of an incompatibility with 8 inch Android devices with a resolution of 1280 x 800
    Note 2: 
    Users may experience minor issues with some features and content.


Depending on the school's internet settings you may need to whitelist:
  1. The main domain -  https://onwordshark.com/
  2. Access to the helpdesk/knowledge base - https://wolhelp.wordshark.co.uk/portal/en/kb/wol
Read more on internet filters and whitelisting here.

To go to the main Wordshark website:

For prices and plan options in the main website, Click here

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