Internet Filters (AKA 'whitelisting')

Internet Filters (AKA 'whitelisting')

How do you know that there's an issue?

  1. Internet filters set up on computers can cause a few issues:
    1. Error messages saying that the page is restricted
    2. Wordshark/games failing to load normally/at all
  2. Email filters may block Wordshark emails from reaching the 'Wordshark Administrator'. These are important program-generated e-mails, for example ‘forgotten passwords, or messages about students needing help

What you need to do (usually an IT person will do this)

  1. Allow access via school computers/other devices to 
  2. The Help Centre (you are currently viewing that is also accessible from the ? to the right of the top menu bar), should also be whitelisted. The link for this is:
  3. In order to receive all emails from Wordshark Online (product-generated, not sales/marketing), it is also recommended to add ‘’ to the safe senders list.

What is 'whitelisting'? 
Sometimes security settings/restrictions may have been set up within the school that are blocking Wordshark Online i.e. firewall (antivirus) trying to protect the school from viruses and potentially inappropriate content on the web. The IT support within the school, or external IT support will normally know what these restrictions are and be able to address them to 'whitelist' Wordshark and allow students and staff to access Wordshark.

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