Student progress reports for Supershark (& Free Play)

Student progress reports for Supershark (& Free Play)

Placement and progress in Supershark

All students are given the baseline test (Shark Challenge) by default when they first log into the program, to find the appropriate Unit of work (out of 44 Units) to start at. They are then placed in Supershark - the Wordshark course with built in automatic progression which takes them through the course.

View Wordshark Course Summary (pdf) (includes complete list of Unit titles, word list titles and summary content).

The group summary report (how to access this is described in the next section) – will show:
  1. where students have been placed
  2. any resets of placement level you may have made (at any time)
  3. their progress in Supershark
  4. time spent
The Units of work (1-44) are shown on a progress bar with mastered units shown in green, incomplete ones in yellow, not mastered in red. 

Accessing progress Supershark (& Free Play) reports

Reports are based on % correct for any of the 3 spell check games.  These reports for Supershark (and other courses if Free Play has been granted) are built at midnight London time.
1. In the main menu select ‘Student Progress’ 
You will be given a series of drop downs so that you can tailor the reports to your needs. Currently the choice to select from is:
2. Choose the Group for which you want to access reports

3. Choose All for a group report, or choose an individual student
If you choose All:
Group Summary is san overview of the Supershark course and time spent.  You can click on individual students from there to see their Individual Unit Report which gives you detailed report - OR - you can go direct to 'Individual Student Report' which gives you detailed reports.
4. Choose Course - note that the 'Wordshark course - Supershark' is the default course - with automatic progression, but if other courses have been used in 'Free Play' mode they will show in the dropdown.

5. Choose Duration – the time period (note ‘last 6 calendar months’ and 'last 12 months' are 'clean' months - they will not include the current one - for easy comparison with earlier periods).

6. Choose Reporting category (individual reports only) to track spelling test results at Unit level, Word lists level - or Game Play which is very detailed and for all games.
The on-screen version of the report will give you a hyperlink to actual errors made.

QUICK TIP. For individual reports - once having set up these drop downs within a session, you can then just change the individual student name and keep the rest of the drop downs the same.

Group Summary Report:

Individual Student Report:

Student's own reports

Students working in Supershark (and other courses if they have access) should click on ‘My Progress’. Their results are available straight away. The results are for the spelling 'check' games they have played.

Their Set Work progress is shown under Set Work.

Now I'd like to see progress reports for Set Work

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