Understanding Reports

Understanding Reports

Although we do not have a specific manual for reports and progress, the following may help to understand what each report shows.

Group Report:

The program starts with the ‘Shark Challenge’, a base line test to determine the starting point in Supershark. Supershark is the automatic progression course of the main Wordshark Course. To see the result of the Shark Challenge you would need to view the group report. This will show the result of the Shark challenge and the unit where the pupil was placed. It will also show:

· The current unit the pupil is working on

· Which units the student has accessed and whether they have been completed

· If the pupil met the 85% pass mark for the unit or not

· Total time spent within the period chosen

Currently there is no report to show the error words for the initial Shark Challenge, but this is in development for a future release. Each student has a link from the group report to their individual unit report. The individual report can also be accessed separately from the individual student reports.

The reports are based on the spelling check games spell check, maze spell check and moving spell check. In Supershark these are enforced every 6th game. In set work these are enforced every 5th game.

Individual Report:

1. Track by Unit Report

The unit report can be expanded to show the individual lists within the unit. It gives an overview of whether the list has been mastered or not and at what level, e.g., 85% +, 60% to 84% It gives an indication of which lists may need a bit more practice, either by resetting the unit in Supershark or by taking individual lists and giving this as set work.

2. Track by Word List Report

The word list report gives more detail. It includes:

· The time spent on the list in total; this is game play only not how long they were logged into the program

· The percentage for the spell check games, first attempt, last attempt and highest score so you can see if there has been any improvement from the first to the last

· Number of errors – the onscreen report allows you to click on the errors and see the error words

3. Game Play Report

This provides a list of all the games the pupil has completed along with the date and time. Useful if you want a quick check to see if they have been accessing the program out of school hours. It also shows any incomplete games. If the games are repeatedly incomplete it may be that the pupil is finding the list hard or, if just one game, may be unsure how it is played. Help can be selected at any time during a game if they are unsure. Poor readers can click on the speaker icon for it to be read out to them.

All three reports are run over night and based on time periods:

· Last 7 days – shows the results for the previous 7 days

· Last 30 days – shows the results for the previous 30 days

· Last 6 calendar months – this is full calendar months. If this is requested on the 14th of the month it will not include the current month, this means that the work shown in the last 7 days report and some of the last 30 days will not be reflected in the Last 6 calendar months report

· Last 12 calendar months – as for the 6 calendar months but for a year

All the above reports are available for the Supershark course and the Free Play courses. The ‘Set Work’ report is accessed via the ‘Set Work’ section. Again, this shows the total game play for each list, the number of errors made and the error words. Set work results will be lost if the set work is deleted so in this case, we recommend saving a copy first.

All reports, except the group report, can be printed or saved to the machine. The onscreen reports are the only ones that will give a view of the error words, so it is worth making a note of these separately for any reports you save.

NB: if a pupil does not play the any of the spell check games while using Free Play there will be no results for the Unit or Word List reports. The only results will be the Game Play report.
Comparing reports over a given period should show improvement in spelling and reduced errors made.

The group report will give an overview for the Supershark course and indicate progress made by the number of units completed along with those mastered.

For game play reports, comparing like for like games from the beginning to the end of the period should show improved spelling, along with a better time taken to complete the game as the pupil’s confidence grows.

How to access reports:

The following articles give a summary and an overview of how to access reports for Supershark and Set Work

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