Student progress reports for Set Work

Student progress reports for Set Work

Student progress reports for Set Work

In the main menu select ‘Set Work’

Mastery for set work requires 75% correct in any of the 3 spell check games. These are given as mandatory every 5th game. 



1.   The Status/Results icon will give you the progress results (when you click on it).  
       It is green for completed work by the group, blue for work in progress, red for overdue work (though still available)

2.   Click on the ‘Status/Results’ icon for any piece of set work.  In this example Tabby has completed half the lists she has been set

3.      Click on the Errors hyperlink for detail of errors 

4.      Click on the ‘Results’ icon for a given student for more detail
 These results can be printed or saved 

Student's own Set work reports

Their results are available under the ‘Set Work’ tab. They are for the spelling 'check' games they have played.


Now I'd like to see progress reports for Supershark

Click here for student progress reports for Supershark (& Free Play)

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