Sending student login details to parents/students so they can log in from home

Sending student login details to parents/students so they can log in from home

This article explains how you email the login details to your students (via parents) in order for them to access Wordshark from home.

Step 1. Download and copy the student login details
  1. From the main menu, select Groups and Users
  2. Lower right of the screen, select Student logins:
  3. Select Individual student logins to clipboard  and choose the group that you want, then select the blue Ok button. (If you're handing out the login details to students: choose 'Student login labels layout' instead and print out.)
  4. Select a student and then the blue Copy button:

Step 2. Email this information to parents/students 
Paste the login details that you've just copied, into an email. For example:

Dear Parent/Student
Please find below your login details so that you can start using 'Wordshark Online', games for reading and spelling:

  1. You will need to 'bookmark' the above (unique) website address ready for each time you log in. Alternatively, you can set up a shortcut:
  2. For more information about Wordshark Online:
From Your Teacher

When your students log in

  1. To make it easier for students to log in each time, they should bookmark the website or create a shortcut.
  2. By default, your students will take the 'Shark Challenge' placement test when they very first log in. This will place them at a suitable Unit (level) in Supershark. Supershark is the version of the structured Wordshark course with automatic progression added. 
  3. Your students will then be set straight away on a path of varying groups of games in Supershark.
  4. When they do well on spelling, they will be moved to the next word list in the unit.
  5. Supershark will always be available to them at all times even if you set work.

Available to student: Supershark

You can set specific work

Using a quick and simple wizard, you can set your students the work of your choice:
  1. You can choose word lists from any course (you do not need to give students direct access to the course as the setting work facility will grant access to the work lists you have set) and/or set your own lists as work
  2. Tell your students they need to select the ‘Set Work’ tab in their main menu (see screen shot below)
  3. They are moved automatically through the list(s) when they achieve 75% accuracy in spelling
  4. (Supershark will also be available from their main screen)
  5. To set work - follow the wizard after selecting ‘Set Work’ in your dashboard
Available to student: Supershark + Set Work. Here the student has clicked on My Set Work

Adding your own words to Wordshark

You can add your own lists and set these as work:

Allowing 'Free play'

You can grant free play.... but with little control over what your students do!

  1. This gives your students access to all courses in addition to Supershark  it is a ‘dipping in’ approach
  2. Go to ‘Groups & Users’ on your dashboard.
  3. Select ‘Manage Groups’
  4. Select your group and open up the down arrow on the right to access the editing mode
  5. Slide the ‘Free Play’ slider to ON – in this screen you can however make some restrictions of what is available
  6. If different teachers use this slider the last one trumps a previous setting if they share students and groups
  7. (Supershark and any set work will still be available)
Available: Supershark + Set Work (if set) + Switch button to give access to all courses

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