Simple method to add a student and a group

Simple method to add a student and a group

All students in Wordshark are allocated into 'Groups', as covered in the set-up guides
For school subscriptions if you haven't already set up your group/s, you will need to do this before adding your students.

Create a Group

        First you need to create a group - unless you already have one that you would like to use   (go straight to Create a Student below).
  1. To create a new Group - In main menu under ‘Groups & Users’ - Select ‘Manage Groups’
  2. Lower down same screen select ‘Add New Group’

  1. Give your group a name and click ‘Next’ and then confirm by clicking on ‘Add'
  2. When prompted to add students, select ‘Add later’

Create a student

  1.  Still in the ‘Groups & Users’ screen - Select ‘Manage Students’

  1. Lower down this screen select ‘Add New Student'

  1. Add your student and assign to your new/already-existing group
  2. You can then add further students 

To locate the student login details you have just generated, and give them to your students, click here

Note: Administrator users can add more than 1 student at a time using the 'bulk upload' option'.

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