Bulk Uploading Users (for administrators)

Bulk Uploading Users (for administrators)

Bulk upload from file
Follow all steps if starting from initial set up.
If accessing from 'Groups & Users' / 'Manage Groups' and the 'Bulk Upload' option go to step 4.

Instructions for initial set up

  1. On first logging in of the program, you will be prompted with a welcome screen. Click on the ‘Start Set UP’ button.

  1. Check your personal details are correct. Amend any information as required then click Next (bottom right)

  1. Check the school details and amend any settings as needed. Click Next

Instructions for 'Bulk Upload'

  1. Select ‘Bulk Set Up’

  1. Select the sample spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY regarding the sample spreadsheet:

  1. You DON'T NEED TO ADD YOURSELF AS YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ALL GROUPS. Add your groups later under Groups & Users\Manage groups - manually

  1. If you are the only teacher -  use a second email to create a new account for yourself in this spreadsheet (you can delete later after set up)

  1. For several year groups it is advisable to do half at a time as it is easier to spot any errors - with teacher emails etc.

  1. You need to add at least 1 teacher and 1 student

  1. Use only 1 user type per row - either teacher OR student

  1. Delete any sample ROWS not needed - not just the data as this would leave metadata behind and the import will fail.

  1. All of column F needs populating - with 1 or more groups per line with NO spaces after commas.

  1. Keep all COLUMNS in the spreadsheet even if left blank - for example Student Emails and Tags

  1. The sample shows class Teacher 1 and Teacher 2 and their first 10 students (there could be more of both). The process could be repeated for other years.

  1. The sample shows "Green group" as an example SEN/special group (there could be more). It can contain students from different years. Teachers 1 & 3  both share Green group.

  1. Students can be added to Green group in column F - or later under the Groups & Users tab\ Manage students - manually.

NB: This is for adding NEW users only. Do not include any existing users. Please check under 'Groups & Users; / 'Manage Students' for any existing students.

Link to sample spreadsheet here.

  1. Either drag and drop your completed  file into the box or browse to the file

  1. Click ’Upload’ to add the users to the set-up wizard

  1. You will receive a confirmation that the users have been uploaded into the wizard. Click Add to start adding the users into the program.

  1. You will be taken to the ‘Add teachers and groups’ section:

  1. Check the details are correct. Remember to click on the green plus  to add the top teacher. If you forget, you will be prompted: 

  1. Click ‘Next’ (bottom right) to move to the students’ section. Again, check all the details are correct and click on the green plus to save the top pupil. Click Next:

  1. You can choose to save a pdf of the student login details at this stage or do this later. To save a copy choose the group/s from the drop down menu then click on the pdf icon. Once completed click on ‘Next’ 

  1. You will receive confirmation that the users have been created. You can view your newly created users by selecting the ‘Groups & Users’ option

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