Secondary school subject lists - NEW!

Secondary school subject lists - NEW!

Secondary school subject lists:

These are the latest addition to Wordshark Online.  The lists familiarise students with basic vocabulary in different subjects needed in secondary school.

The 7 subjects covered are ; Maths, English, the 3 Sciences, D & T, Geography, Music and Citizenship (with more to follow). 

See Secondary School Subject Lists (pdf) for a complete list of topic headings by  subject.

See Secondary School Subjects full course word lists (pdf) for the full course word lists.

To view the lists from within the program click on Games & Lists > Change Course. This brings you to a screen with the Published Courses on the left to choose fromSelect Secondary school subject lists and scroll through the right hand column to choose your subject/unit.  Read more on Viewing Courses & Word lists under 'Games & Lists'

The new word lists not only provide you with more options when ‘Setting work using published courses’ but also an invaluable aid when preparing your ‘Own word lists’.

Sentence games to put words in context:

The lists are a mixture of easier and more challenging words to spell. They have been built around the sentences that accompany these lists in the ‘Sentence crossword’ game to give the words meaning in context. For this reason, the Sentence game is as much a part of the course as the reading and spelling games because it links in with the concepts being taught in each subject. 

The crosswords automatically give the  sentence; you no longer click on the clue. The idea is that a student chooses the correct word from knowledge not by guessing from the number of letters in the clue.

Worksheets are now available as word searches and crosswords: 

To create a worksheet click on Games & Lists > change course, choose unit/list (or search for a specific word to find a list).  When you select the list and it opens to the games screen. Either select Word Search to play word search game or Sentence Crossword for the crossword then when the game opens select worksheet.  Read more at Printable Worksheets

Complete List for Subjects and topics covered:

Download or view online, Secondary School Subject Lists (pdf) includes complete list topic headings for each subject covered AND/OR Secondary School Subjects full course word lists (pdf) for the full course word lists.

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