Viewing other courses & word lists

Viewing other courses & word lists

Viewing other courses & word lists

As a teacher you have access to all the courses and lists - these are listed below, or for more information: Courses and Lists

  • Nat.Curriculum 2014 England: spellings  Follows the English Government’s spellings for KS1 and KS2
  • 'Alpha to Omega' Follows the progression found in the book ‘Alpha to Omega’ by Bevé Hornsby and Frula Shear
  • Everyday vocabulary  Covers everyday topics that students new to English might need. It is arranged alphabetically under subject titles such as ‘clothing’, ‘food’ etc.  Available games include Simple Sentence and Crossword games - putting the words into context.
  • High Frequency Words (HFW)  Words that are needed most frequently for reading and for writing
  • ‘Wordshark’ course (same course used by ‘Supershark’)
  • Your own word lists!

Note:students have access only to Supershark (the 'Wordshark' course in automated progression mode) if  Free Play mode (FP) is switched to OFF.

If you would like to view all the word lists available before setting work for your students, select Games and Lists from  My Dashboard . You can also see them summarised below:

The below example shows that you are in the Everyday Vocabulary course:

You can change the course:

This brings you to a screen with the Published Courses on the left to choose from. In this example, the Wordshark course has been chosen. You can scroll down the Units of work on the right, and select one - note there could be a delay in this being populated if the internet connection is slow.

In this case, Unit 5 has been chosen, and the list 'sh':

Click on Select List and say Yes:

You can change the Unit if you want by using the down arrow - and the individual list within that Unit (right of the screen). Then click on the yellow roller blind to see the list:

Clicking on each word will allow you to hear it spoken - and see a picture if available:

Clicking on More words  will refresh the list (optional):

Selecting PHONICS you can see the phonemes indicated - and listen to the word broken into phonemes:

Selecting VOWELS will highlight vowels in blue:

IN ORDER will present the words in the order they are listed (useful for certain lists).

SPLIT WORDS  will show syllable splits if they are available – used in syllable games:

You need to click here to close the ‘roller blind’ ready to play the games:

The games are arranged under different tabs:

VIDEO: Word lists & courses - teachers

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