Error Messages: User Doesn't Exist / User Credentials Incorrect

Error Messages: User Doesn't Exist / User Credentials Incorrect

User Doesn't Exist

A ' user doesn't exist' message will happen where the username/e-mail is not recognised for the school.

This can happen because:
  • the user details were entered incorrectly
  • the user has been archived
  • you are trying to access an incorrect account: this can happen where the unique URL/web address has been entered into the search bar instead of the address bar at the very top of the browser page. This will bring up the most often accessed school which may not be your own. Always check that the login page shows the correct school details after 'Welcome' 
  • Rarely, it can occur if the whole domain has not been whitelisted for all users.
  • Rarely, it can occur due to corrupted data. It is worth clearing cache and history to ensure that the device is not loading corrupted data and remove any saved passwords for the program. Also clearing the bookmarks/shortcut icons for Wordshark On Line and recreating will make sure the machine is loading fresh pages.

NB: If you are unsure of the school's URL you can check it at:

User Credentials Incorrect

A ‘user credentials incorrect’ message usually happens where the password entered does not match the one within the program.


This can happen because:
  • the browser has been set to save passwords and it has saved an earlier one that is no longer valid
  • mistyping the password at set up


The easiest way to resolve this...
remove any saved passwords, clear cache & reset the password:

  1. Pupils will need to enter their username and press 'Go' - an e-mail will be sent to their teacher to help
  2. Admins/Teachers will receive a reset password e-mail

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