Clearing cache

Clearing cache

Updates and improvements are being made to Wordshark all the time. It's therefore a good idea from time to time to clear the cache (old browsing history) on each machine that Wordshark is accessed on. Instructions vary, depending on the browser you are using: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Safari on an iPad.

To clear Cache from Chrome:
1. Press the ‘Ctrl’ key plus ‘H’ on the keyboard at the same time (if a touch device, click on the three dots to the right of the address bar then choose ‘History’)
2. Choose ‘Clear browsing data’
3. Tick ‘Cached images and files’
4. Click ‘Clear data’

To clear Cache from Firefox:
1. Click the menu button (3 lines to the right of the browser’s address bar )
2. Select ‘Options’
3. Select the ‘Privacy & Security’ panel
4. Scroll down to ‘Cookies and Site Data’
5. Click on the ‘Clear Data’ option
6. ‘Tick’ the ‘Cached Web Content’ the select ‘Clear’

To clear Cache in Edge:
1. Press ‘Ctrl’ key plus ‘H’ at the same time (for touch click on the three dots to the right of the browser’s address bar’
2. Select ‘History’ from the from down menu
3. Select the ‘Clear History’ option
4. Tick ‘Cached data and files’ then select clear
5. You can turn on the option to ‘Always clear this when I close browser’ so this is automatically cleared.

To clear Cache from Safari:
1. You will first need to turn ‘Developer’ on
2. Right click ‘Safari’ and choose ‘Preferences’
3. Select ‘Advanced’ and tick ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’
4. This will turn on the ‘Develop’ option in the Safari menu
5. Select ‘Develop’
6. Choose ‘Empty Caches’

To clear cache on Safari on IPad:
1. Select Settings
2. Scroll down left panel to Safari and click
3. Scroll down and click ‘Clear History and Website Data’
4. When prompted to ‘Clear History ad Data’, select ‘Clear’

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