Saving Reports

Saving Reports

Saving/Printing Student Records

All student records can be saved or printed. This is useful to prevent the loss of records should the pupil be archived or the set work deleted.  

Supershark and Free Play.

The individual student reports for Supershark, and any work played for the other courses as ‘Free Play’, can be printed via the ‘Student Progress’ tab.

Instead of choosing the ‘onscreen report’ select either pdf/excel to save the report or choose the printer icon for direct printing. 

Saving to excel means you can collate reports into one workbook, for example

  1. To keep all the student reports for a specific group together in one document
  2. To keep all the reports for an individual student in one file 

The reports do not provide the error words so these would need to be saved from the onscreen report using the ‘copy to clipboard option’ then pasting into the excel report or another document:

Set work

Reports for set work are accessed via the set work section. The individual reports for each student can be printed out by selecting the results of the set work required. The set work section can be filtered by group or student to make it easier to access the required work. 

Clicking on the error words will show the errors made, allowing these to be saved using the ‘copy to clipboard' option then pasting into another document.


Full instructions for accessing reports

  1. Student progress reports for Supershark (& Free Play)
  2. Student progress reports for Set Work

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