How a student progresses through Wordshark

How a student progresses through Wordshark

Supershark aims to progress a child through at their own pace and ability. The program will only move on to the next list when either:


  1. They have completed a spell check with a mastered score of 85%, 100% in the first cycle
  2. They have completed the full cycle of games; 4 cycles of 6 games


For option 1, the spell check games are Spell Check, Maze Spell Check and Moving Spell Check.


For option 2, they will be moved on to the next list but if they do not achieve the pass mark on the end of unit test as well, then an e-mail is sent to the teacher (you) to advise that the pupil needs attention.


The Supershark course is explained in more detail here.


Some tutors also use ‘Set Work’ which is also like an automatic progression if you include more than one list. For example you could set a whole Wordshark unit as set work and this will also move the pupil on to the next list once they have met the required mark to move on. In set work this is slightly lower at 75%. This option is not structured like Supershark and allows access to all the games unless they have not played a spell check game. The spell check games are enforced after 4 consecutive none-spell check games. More information on set work can be found here.  

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