Where can I find how much time a student has spent using Wordshark

Where can I find how much time a student has spent using Wordshark

Where can I see how much time a pupil has played Wordshark Online?

The 'total' game play time for a student in the last 7 days can be found in the ‘Groups & Users’ > 'Manage Students' section. This will show the combined time for all modes of play, Supershark, Free Play and Set Work (all set work by all teachers).

If you want to see the overall time spent (not just last 7 days) you can get this from the separate reports available for:

  1. Reports for Supershark 
  2. Reports for Set Work

For Supershark (automatic progression course) the Group Report allows you to see time spent playing games for different time periods, choose last 7 days, last 30 days, previous 6 calendar months, previous 12 calendar months:

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The Set Work screen will show total time spent for set work - clicking on the Status/Results icon will show an overview of the total time played for all the students with the work:

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Clicking on Results will show the individual students time spent on each list:

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How can I tell the last time a pupil played Wordshark Online?

The last time a pupil logged into the program will show under the student’s settings in ‘Groups & Users’ > ‘Manage Students’ and under the ‘More’ arrow:

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The ‘Game Play Report’ will show the time for each game played. This is accessed via the ‘Student Progress’ tab. See written instructions at Reports for Supershark

The set work results for an individual student under the ‘Set Work’ tab will show the last time the work was played. See Reports for Set Work

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