Is there a way to see the results of the placement test for a student?

Is there a way to see the results of the placement test for a student?

Can I view placement test progress or data?

You can view where the pupil has been placed following the Shark Challenge test, however, it is not possible to see the errors made. 

The placement/baseline test (Shark Challenge) is an internal process to determine the starting point in Supershark, the automatic progression mode based on the Wordshark course

When a pupil makes a mistake in a batch of words they are given additional words to see if just a one off. Once a pupil makes 3 errors the challenge completes.

The placement test is a well-researched system that finds out where students should start in Wordshark, ('Supershark', automatic progression). It doesn't teach or reinforce the words in any way, and normally doesn't take too long to complete. The placement test is aimed at:
  1. Saving teacher time i.e. teachers only need to add students to Wordshark and then distribute the login details to those students 
  2. Allowing student learning to be fully independent, from home and/or school
In other words, the learning for students only begins when the program then places them in 'Supershark.' Once the student is using 'Supershark', from this time on it may be relevant for the teacher/tutor to become involved if they want to.

Check where a student has been placed:

The results of the test can be found in the ‘Group Summary Report’. This can be accessed via the ‘Student Progress’ tab on the top menu bar.  Select the group you wish to look at and when prompted for the students choose ‘All’.

The report will show the date of the initial test and where they were placed when a test has been completed.  If a student has not completed the test it will say ‘student not placed’.  For full instructions see: Student progress reports for Supershark (& Free Play)

The initial placement will always be the first test taken but if you check the group report once a re-test has been taken the ‘current list’ will be where the pupil has been placed.

Currently it is not possible to see what errors have been made in the placement test itself 

You can change the placement if you think the pupil has been set too low or too high. Go to: Set work / Change Level – Supershark to choose a different level.  SeeResetting the level in Supershark:

You also have the option to ask students to re-take the placement test - see Repeating the Shark Challenge (placement test)

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