Updating Academic Year - Tasks for the Wordshark Administrator

Updating Academic Year - Tasks for the Wordshark Administrator

Update Students Year Group

To update the year group for all students in one go use the ‘Year Rollover’ button. Select ‘Groups & Users’, from the main menu at the top, then select either of the ‘Manage Groups’ or ‘Manage Students’ tabs.

NB: The final year group does not update, e.g. Year 6 in England and Wales and P7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland. You would need to either:

  • Archive the students if they are moving on from the school 
  • Update the students individually after completing the ‘Year Rollover’* 

*Make a note of the students before completing the ‘year rollover’. Edit the student details via Groups & Users/Manage Students/Select the student/More arrow/Edit/Change the year group

Removing Old Students

To bulk archive:

  1. Sign on as Wordshark Admin.
  2. Select Groups & Users and select the button Bulk Move/Archive       
  1. Select the group on the left to archive
  2. Select the students (All or individually)
  3. Tick the 'Archive students' box on the right
  4. Select 'Archive' bottom right

 To remove individual students follow instructions on how to archive them one by one: Removing (archiving) students

Moving Students Between Groups

NB: If you need to rename the existing groups this is completed via 'Groups & Users' and 'Manage Groups'. See here for more information.
The quickest way to transfer multiple students from one group to another is for the admin to use the “Bulk Move/Archive” option available in the 'Groups & Users’ menu option and the ‘Manage Groups’ tab. 
You would need to start with the top year group, for example in a primary school this would be Year 6, moving down to Reception year.

  • Archive the students in the top year group, e.g. Year 6 Groups as described above in 'Removing Old Students' 

  • Bulk transfer the students from the next year group down into the top year group, e.g. Year 5 Groups to the Year 6 Groups
    • From the ‘Manage Groups’ section choose the ‘Bulk Move/Archive’ option
    • From the left-hand section, select the group you are moving the students from
    • Select the required students or tick to ‘select all’
    • On the right-hand section select the group to transfer the students to then select ‘Transfer’
  • Carry on until the lowest year groups have been transferred
  • This will leave the final group empty ready for the new academic intake

Moving Teachers between Groups

If the students and groups are remaining the same but teachers are swapping between classes, then this is changed at the teacher level. 

For example, if the teacher for ‘Year 4’ will now be teaching ‘Year 3’ and vice versa:

  • Select ‘Groups & Users’ from the main menu
  • Go to the ‘Manage Teachers’ tab
  • Locate the first teacher and click on the arrow under ‘More’
  • Select the ‘Edit’ icon 
  • Go to ‘Choose Group/s’
  • ‘Tick’ the new group and ‘Untick’ the old group
  • Repeat for the other teacher

Adding New Students

Bulk Upload will only work if you are adding a new teacher as well as new students. Please see bulk uploading for more information. Otherwise students will need to be added individually via the ‘Manage Students’ tab and the ‘Add New Student’ option. 

  • Select ‘Groups & Users’ from the main menu
  • Go to the ‘Manage Students’ tab
  • Select ‘Add New Student’
  • Complete the required fields, e-mail is optional, and click ‘Submit’

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