Scores and Rewards

Scores and Rewards

Reward games 

Reward games provide additional incentive and are offered after every third learning game

Scores and coins

  1. At the end of each game (excl. reward games), a summary score is given for performance and for effort. Effort scores are for completion of a game and in some instances improved performance & speed
  2. Spelling games give higher scores
  3. A lucky bonus is sometimes offered!
  4. Points (scores) translate into coins, and coins translate into stickers! 

Schools sometimes also add their own reward system based on score results, for example, using a certificate of achievement

Choosing stickers

  1. Students can go via the 'dashboard' to 'My Ocean Scene' where they can buy stickers to go in the Ocean Scene

  1. Click on the shop image (top left of the screen)  
  2. The stickers available will be based on the number of coins available
  3. The most expensive items are the whales and sharks!

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