Wordshark and IWB, Subject Vocabulary, EAL, Larger Year Group, own lists

Wordshark and IWB, Subject Vocabulary, EAL, Larger Year Group, own lists

For a spelling lesson on an IWB

Introduce a spelling rule on the IWB (finding the relevant list in Wordshark using 'Search'). You might like to create a teacher account for teachers to use on IWBs with no student records in so that if the computer is left unattended for any reason no sensitive material can be accessed. 


Subject vocabulary, EAL 

Consider printing out the Secondary school subject lists pdf, or access on screen, for students to familiarise themselves with. They will not have automatic access to these so you will need to set some lists that they can work through as set work  – or consider granting them free access i.e. allowing 'Free Play' (the latter incidentally doesn’t involve obligatory spelling tests). 

For EAL, granting Free Play access to the Everyday Vocabulary ‘course’ may help some students with simple vocabulary in English.


For larger year group cohort

Keep an eye where individual students are placed in Supershark, (sharing this duty among staff!), and check that all are happy. Use the onscreen group report under Student Progress for this and scroll down the students. Go to Set work > Change level - Supershark button to move any student in Supershark. 

Personalised lists

Ask students to look at their work and identify the words they have trouble with, then create personalised word lists for them. They can use their own voices to record if wished. 

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