FAQs on Admin Setup

FAQs on Admin Setup

Do all Groups and Students need to be added immediately on setup?

Do I need to add the names of groups and lists of students immediately on set up ... this is information I would have to gather, and I have not yet talked to teachers about this resource.  Are they able to set up their own groups and student lists or do I need to put at least one child in for each class to start with?  
A Group is what links the teacher and pupil together to manage the students. A group will always need to be created. The group can be renamed by the teacher so for initial set up it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the exact names of the groups you want to use. If you are going to be adding the users using the set-up wizard this will need to include at least one pupil. For set up this could be a fictitious student that can be archived later. You could always access the program as this student to ‘see it’ from the pupil’s perspective. Once archived they will not be counted towards the subscription numbers. If you choose to add the teachers individually then you will need to create a group for each teacher. Groups may be shared, for example by a class teacher and a TA. In this case you only need to create the one group and the teacher and TA can both be assigned to the group. If you wanted to add the group and teachers individually the instructions here explains how to do this. 


One thing to be aware of, once the teachers are added they will automatically be sent an e-mail with the sign on page and their user details and one time password. Ask them to check in junk if they do not receive it.

Are Teachers able to add their own Groups and Students?

I can see on the administrator guide that they can add to the list.  I take it they can also set up additional groups, if we end up using this for the whole school. 

Teachers can add their own groups, rename any existing groups and archive any empty groups. 
Teachers can then add their own students. If a teacher/TA tries to add a user that already exists they will get a message to confirm this, allowing them to choose to select the existing student so they are not duplicated in error.   
The administrator can see the total number of currently active students on their ‘My Dashboard’ under ‘Total students’. 

Will Students be duplicated if placed in different Groups?

What about Support for Learning staff? If we are working with children from different classes, do we need to set up our own groups and will those children be counted twice? 

As support staff are likely to only be supporting a few from each class they may wish to have their own groups for their students. The students however may be in more than one group, for example their class group and also their support group. 
To avoid double counting of student numbers, when adding a student the program will prompt if a student with the same details already exists. It is important to select the existing student if this option is presented. Otherwise the student will be duplicated causing confusion for the pupil with different login details.
 As administrator you will be able to oversee all of this and any duplicated students should be visible in the Groups & Users section and the ‘Manage Students’ list.

Can Students work on different focuses set by different Teachers?

Can the children work on two different focuses e.g. HFW with Support for Learning, spelling patterns in class? 

YesThe program will automatically have the Supershark course on as default but the set work section allows teachers to select work from anywhere within the program, or from any own word list/courses they have created themselves. There is no limit to the number of work a teacher can set or the pupil can have. The pupils set work section allows them to see all their set work and who has set it. For more abled students you may wish to allow ‘Free Play’. This allows access to the whole program, though you can turn courses off so they can only access one course at a time, for example HFW or the Wordshark course.

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