Why are only 3 games offered in Set Work sometimes?

Why are only 3 games offered in Set Work sometimes?

Why does this happen?
Students can choose from the variety of games. However, only 3 games are shown/offered when a student doesn't happen to have chosen to play any of the 3 spell check games that Wordshark uses to 'test' the students. This testing in essential as it tells Wordshark whether to move them on to the next list, whether they've completed the set work, or whether they need to keep working on the words. 

When exactly does it happen?
This happens on the 5th game (i.e. after a maximum of 4 non-spelling games), but only if the student doesn't happen to have played a spell check game.

What are the spell check games?
The games used for this testing (under the spell tab), are 'spell check', 'Maze spell check' or 'Moving spell check'. (Any games with the word check.)

What happens after playing a spell check game?
Wordshark needs the student to play one of the 3 spell check (test) games with 75% accuracy. If they achieve 75% accuracy this tells Wordshark to move them on to the next list (or may mean that the student has completed their set work). If they don't achieve 75% accuracy, they will be offered more games for the same list.

Confident spellers can use these games...
To move on faster, confident spellers might choose to go straight to try a spell check game.

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