How does a student navigate between the different work modes?

How does a student navigate between the different work modes?

The default for the program is the ‘Supershark’ course. When students first log in they will take the ‘Shark Challenge’, the placement test to determine the starting point in Supershark.


Once placed the pupil can then continue with the Supershark course or they can choose the ‘My Set Work’ tab and choose from the set work shown.


Once the placement test has been completed, future logins will take them to their dashboard. From here they can choose ‘Play Games’ or ‘My set work’ -using the tabs or the main buttons.


The ‘play games’ will take them back to the last thing they were working on. For example, if the last thing they were playing was ‘set work’ then it will take them back to the piece of set work they were on. If they were playing Supershark it will take them back to Supershark.


From the ‘Play Games’ screen the pupil can move from set work to ‘Supershark’ by selecting the blue ‘Supershark’ option. The ‘switch’ option will only be visible if you have turned ‘Free Play’ on – off by default.


Each mode of work is colour coded on the play games banner. The pupils can quickly identify which mode of work they are working on from the banner:


  • Supershark is blue

  • Set work is purple

  • Free Play (if turned on) is grey


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