ADMINISTRATOR Start-up guide

ADMINISTRATOR Start-up guide

Step 1: Log in to Wordshark Online

  1. Click on the link provided in your welcome email or copy and paste the unique URL into a web browser – Google Chrome / Safari is recommended.
  1. Enter your email as your username
  1. Once you have changed your password you need to sign back in straight away.
  1. As Wordshark Administrator, you add teachers and oversee their groups and students: if you want someone else to take over this role click here for instructions on how to change the subscription Administrator.
  1. You can check/edit your personal and school details from your Dashboard/Profile now or at a later stage.

Step 2: Add Teachers, Groups & Students  

As default, the Wordshark Administrator also has Teacher functions so you don't need to add yourself.  You will set up any GROUP OF YOUR OWN later.

A wizard helps you to add other users...
  1. It is best to select Quick Set  Up  to add your staff and students  unless you plan to add a whole school at once. 
  1. For Quick Set Up you will need to add at least one teacher and one student in the wizard, so have the following information to hand which will be needed in the following order:
    1. A list of staff you want to set up, with their emails   (This does not need to be an exhaustive list as you can return to the wizard at any time to add more using the  Bulk Upload  button and  Quick Set Up  – though this and all later wizards need at least one teacher  and  one student per upload)
    2. Names of groups you want each of the teachers to work with
    3. A list of students and which of the above groups you wish to place them in
  1. Once you have set up your staff, an automatic email will be sent to them with their login details. Ask them to check their spam/junk if they are unable to locate it in their inbox.  When they first login they will also be given a wizard showing the group(s) and students you have already set up  - which they can add to, if wished.
  1. If you intend to be the sole teacher , tick the 'Do not show again' before exiting the Set Up Wizard to avoid this reappearing. You can always return to the Set Up by choosing the 'bulk upload' option from the Manage Groups section.
  1. To set up your own group:
    1. In the main menu under Groups & Users select Manage Groups
    2. Select Add New  Group
    3. Give your group a name and click Next then Add
    4. When prompted to add students,
      1. If any are already on the system, select Add selected
      2. If none  of your intended group are on the system yet, select Add later - information buttons will guide you in adding your students

VIDEO: Adding users when first going into Wordshark

For a quick method to add a student and group read: 'Simple method to add a student and a group'.

Step 3: Distribute Login Details to Students

  1. Go to Groups & Users then Student Logins lower on screen. Select Individual student logins to clipboard and then the group and OK, ready to paste into an email - or choose to print labels to hand out.


  1. Remind everyone to bookmark the school’s unique website login address – needed for each time they log in. Alternatively they can download a shortcut to their desktop - see circled in the screenshot.  More information on setting up a shortcut.

Other information that may be helpful:    

Students journey
  1. The first thing all students do is take the Shark Challenge (adaptive assessment and placement test) - please don’t allow any prompts when they are doing this.
  1. They will then be suitably placed in Supershark (Wordshark course with automatic progression) - but you can change their Supershark Unit level at any time (or reset the test), under the Set work tab.
  1. Students are given differing sets of games (with an optional reward game every third game).
  1. They are moved through the course sequentially - generally they need 85% or higher accuracy in a spelling check game (spelling test) to move to the next list.
  1. The students might need reminding to look at their new target words (under My play words) every time they move to a new list, and to be a detective as to why these words are put together in one list.
Find out more on the Shark Challenge placement test and Supershark the automatic progression course

Day to day usage

  1. Consider sticking with the default Supershark course to start with (though you as teacher can set work from any course - or add your own lists to set).   
  1. Use a printout of the Wordshark/Supershark course to plan realistic targets for your students to aim for. 
  1. Aim to use the program a suggested x 3 per week, maybe during lessons, homework and clubs. This info page may also be helpful: Advice, encouragement and usage
  1. Reports on Supershark are updated overnight so daily progress will show up the following day.  Set work reports are available straight away.
Additional features worth exploring

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