For students/parents: logging in (username and passcode)

For students/parents: logging in (username and passcode)

Where can I find my ‘Username’ and ‘Passcode’?

Your unique Username and Passcode will have been given to you by your school/teacher.

This information might have been given to you as a print-out/in a letter, emailed to you, via a school-home communication app, or it may be on your school website if there is a secure area.

If you don't have your login details, you will need to ask the school/teacher for them.

Logging into Wordshark Online for the first time

  1. Your school/teacher will have given you the unique school URL address. The URL will look like this: the end part will be your school name or part of your school name (or tutor name). Enter the URL address into the address bar of your search engine (not the search box)
  2. You should also have been given your unique ‘Username’ and ‘Passcode’ which you will need when the Wordshark login screen comes up. This is case-sensitive.
  3. The student is invited to take the placement test 'Shark challenge' which lasts up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Shark Challenge works out what level a student should start at. This is important because it means that the words they will be given to learn will not be too easy or too difficult. Working at the right level makes learning more effective and maintains motivation!
  4. After the Shark Challenge, Wordshark will decide which words to learn in 'Supershark'. Supershark automatically moves the student on to the next list when the words have been learnt. It will be possible to choose which games to play. Alternatively, sometimes teachers will set specific work but they will let their students know this.

I have my username and passcode, where can I find my school login page?

You can use our 'findmyschool' utility with your username to find the school's webpage:

So that you don't have to keep entering the URL into your search engine address bar, it's best to set up a ‘Shortcut’ or ‘Bookmark’ on your computers/devices so that you can access Wordshark Online quickly and easily each time.  How to create a shortcut to the login page

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