For administrators: logging in (username and password)

For administrators: logging in (username and password)

Where can I find my username and password?

When you signed up to use Wordshark for the first time, you will have received an email from Wordshark that includes your unique school URL link, your username (your email), and a temporary password. When you logged into Wordshark for the first time, Wordshark will have asked you to change your password to something more secure and of your own choice.

Problems using Login details (note: passwords are case-sensitive)

  1. If you know your username (your email) but not your password, you can reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgotten your password’. This will e-mail a reset to you; it allows you to set a temporary password that you then change when you log into the program again.
  1. The webpage might be blocked (for example, high anti-virus settings within school) and need ‘whitelisting’. Contact the school ICT support to ask them to whitelist and also the help desk
  1. If the username (your email) is not accepted, please contact us

Accessing the program outside of school

You can log in to the program from anywhere, as can any teachers you have set up to use Wordshark. If you often do this from home, it's worth setting up a ‘Shortcut’ or ‘Bookmark’ on your computers/devices, so that access to Wordshark Online is always quick and easily. 

Click on QUICK START GUIDE for Administrator users for information on:

  1. distributing login details to students
  2. student user journey info
  3. day-to-day usage
  4. if logging in as a teacher for the first time

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