Archiving/Deleting Teacher Accounts

Archiving/Deleting Teacher Accounts

To archive or delete a teacher account

  1. Sign in as the current Wordshark Online administrator
  2. Select ‘Groups & Users’ from the main top menu 
  3. Select the ‘Manage Teachers’ tab
  1. Locate the teacher account in the list
  2. Select the blue arrow for ‘More’     
  1. Choose the delete option      
  1. You will receive a warning  the default is to archive. Change the option from ‘Archive’ to ‘Permanently delete’ if you wish to remove the teacher completely. This cannot be undone.

  1. Any pupils they currently have assigned to them will need to be transferred to another teacher - Select a teacher from the drop-down options to transfer the pupils to. They can be reassigned if necessary.
  2. Click ‘Ok’ - a green ‘Teacher deleted permanently’ will appear above the buttons and the warning box will close.

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