When to use Set Work and Free Play

When to use Set Work and Free Play

What are the benefits of 'setting work' vs 'automatic progression'?

Many schools only use Wordshark in the automatic progression mode (AP/Supershark).  Why not try exploring the Set Work option (using published lists or creating their own word lists). 

Some of the reasons why you would add Set Work for students in addition to their Supershark course.

  1.  Improve motivation:  Set Work gives students access to a wider variety of games / reward games
  1.  Reinforcement / overlearning:  Set Work allows for a more targeted approach to ensure students focus on a specific set of chosen word lists
  1.  Variety: Set Work for students based on their Supershark results i.e. gives an opportunity to pick up errors made in Supershark – added practice
  1.  Expand vocabulary:  Set Work by creating own lists to follow any other learning schemes or books that the students follow in school
  1.  Additional support: Set Work useful when tailoring the program for individual pupils


Why you might use Free Play

  1. to prevent a pupil being forced to take a spell check game
  2. for students using Supershark - to give them the option of more practice at specific words before being tested (all the games with 'check' in the title test the student and decide if they should be moved on or not)
  3. to allow the more able spellers free choice when at home once they have completed any set work
  4. to give an extra option during holidays if your students work in Supershark in term time.
Benefits of using Free Play: Switch on access to all courses for students (Free Play) 

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