Measuring progress: What is the easiest way to find and read student progress in Supershark?

Measuring progress: What is the easiest way to find and read student progress in Supershark?

In terms of starting point and current place, the quickest way to see this is via the ‘Group Report’ which will give an overview for all the students in the group. This is accessed via the ‘Student Progress’ section and choosing ‘All’ when selecting students.


This will give you the initial placement point along with their current unit.


It is possible to also create your own excel progress document for the pupils. You can either do this with the unit report so you only see when the list is mastered, or you can use the word list report for more information on the spell check tests. Instead of choosing the option to view onscreen you can export to excel instead.


Once you have saved the first report, you can then move the following weekly/monthly report to the workbook to build up a progress report for them.


Set work is currently only available as a pdf but there are plans in development for this to also include an excel option.

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