Are students reassessed in Supershark?

Are students reassessed in Supershark?

Shark Challenge

The shark challenge can be repeated as often as you like. You can then compare the new placement position with the previous. Subsequent tests are not stored in the 'Group Summary Report' so these will need to be logged independently,

To reset the Shark Challenge:
  1. Select the 'Set Work' tab from the top menu bar
  2. Choose the middle option 'Repeat Shark Challenge'

  1. Select the Group/s
  2. Select the Student/s
  3. Click Submit

The next time the pupil signs into the program they will need to retake the Shark Challenge.

End of Unit Test

At the end of each unit there is an end of unit test. If a pupil completes the end of unit test without achieving the 85% pass mark they will still move on to the next unit. However, an e-mail will be sent to the pupil's teacher to advise that the pupil may need some help.

This allows the teacher the opportunity to review the error words to identify if it is a particular issue, for example ie rule, or particular words. This enables the teacher to either move the pupil back to the implicated lists or let the pupil continue in Supershark but set additional set work alongside Supershark for extra practice.

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